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Hydraulic Lift Pump

Hydraulic Lift Pump

Product Notes:
Without Pressure Control Valve

Cross Reference Numbers:
1672251M91, 1683301M92, 1683301M91, 1868439M95, 1675126M92, 1661616M91

Note for using the HM1683301 pump on a Massey-Ferguson MF20C:
Axle S/N FE101>, w/o Pressure Control

Power Steering Pump

Power Steering Pump
HM773126 NEW

Cross Reference Numbers:
773126M92, 773126M91, 182493M92, 191277M91, 191423M92, 191426M91, 191486M91, 354469X1, 354903X1, 527504M93, 773126V92, 193207M91, 357197X91, 70919062, 70919172, 70922523, HM773126NE

Note for using the HM773126 NEW pump on a Massey-Ferguson MF20C:
w/ Diesel Engine

Hydraulic Pump

Hydraulic Pump
M886821 NEW

Cross Reference Numbers:
886821M94, 886821M91, 886821M93, 886821V94, M886821NEW

Note for using the M886821 NEW pump on a Massey-Ferguson MF20C:
w/o Auxiliaries - Sundstrand

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